Assessing the Effects of K-YES Supported Training Programs on Youth Beneficiaries’ Employment, Social & Personal Development Outcomes

An evaluation brief from the Kenya Youth Employment & Skills (K-YES) Program

Examining the Interconnected Historical & Contemporary Practices of ‘Big D’ & ‘little d’ D/development in Kenya

A look into the history of D/development in Kenya and its influence today.

Through the Fire: An Analysis of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona's 10th Annual Camp Fury

"The results clearly highlight the positive impacts of Camp Fury on participants, and suggest that it just might be one of GSSOAZ’s best summer camps.”

Positive Youth Development & Academic Performance: The Importance of Exclusively Female Youth Development Programs

The purpose of this literature review is to introduce the topic of Positive Youth Development (PYD), demonstrate the linkages between extra-curricular activities and academic performance, outline some of the general best practices for PYD, and to provide specific examples of proven, exclusively female extra-curricular activities that are known to have significantly positive effects on the lives of the young women who engage with them.

Civil War & Malaria: The relationship between Anglophone-Francophone conflict in Cameroon and their fight against malaria

The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of Cameroon’s current civil war on the prevalence of malaria throughout the entire nation.

Connecting with Adult Learners

There are so many ways to connect with your adult learners in manageable, sustainable, and enjoyable ways.

Connecting with High School Audiences

Tips and tricks for presenting to high school audiences.

Connecting with 6th-8th Grade Audiences

Smooth, meaningful, and enjoyable ways to connect with a 6th-8th grade audience.

Connecting with K-5th Grade Audiences

Tips and tricks to connect with a Grade K-5 audience.

Summer Camp Connection

Build global competence in your summer camp participants.

Horse, Of Course

Students consider what they eat and why they eat it, exploring cultural traditions in the process.

The World of Sports

Explore sports programs around the world.

Museum in the Classroom

Students will look at objects from a Peace Corps country and both answer and develop their own questions regarding the uses, importance, and background of each object.

What I Took with Me; What I Took Back

Students will compare items you brought to your host country when you initially packed your bags to the items you brought back from your host country when you returned and discuss the idea of change.

Technology & Business

High school lesson plan that deals with business, entrepreneurship, or experience-based career education.

A Fulani Adventure Through West Africa

The Pulaku Documentary Project takes students on a trip across West Africa, allowing them to experience different aspects a culture threatened by desertification and development.

Diversity & Discrimination

Engaging students in learning about diversity and discrimination from a global perspective.

Running Across Cultures

A lesson on the cultural differences and perceptions on running for sport.

National Service

Teaching ideas regarding national service for high school teachers.

Peace Corps Backpack

Students will learn about objects used daily in the lives of people in the host country.


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